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Welcome to Vlogger of the month July.
Each month we will be interviewing parent vloggers (video bloggers) from all walks of life.

This month we’re questioning James & Katy from the YouTube channel The Gibblets
The Gibblets are a daily vlogging family from Plymouth they upload at 6pm GMT everyday. They document everyday so they have memories to look back on in years to come. The Gibblets have built up a super awesome subscribership in the past year and see every subscriber as an extended member of their family (The 6th member of The Gibblets). You’ll also see challenges, Tag videos and Q&A’s for everyone to enjoy.

The Gibblets

Names: James Katy Charlie Harry and Olivia …. also Rosie and Oscar the kittens

What inspired you to pick up the camera and start vlogging?

Watching the sacconejolys made me realise how cool it would be to document our lives in that way. They daily vlog so we thought that we would give it a go and have not looked back .

What do you use to film & edit your videos? Is there a reason why you use these items.

We use the Canon S120 it’s a good camera the quality is great and the mic is fairly nifty too isolating the source of sounds and cutting background noise out. We edit using iMovie primarily because it’s free but we have found the program to be excellent and user friendly. Previously we used Sony Vegas pro.

Discribe a normal day in the life for you

Normal days consist of nothing greatly exciting basically cleaning, washing and sorting the kids out. We try and do something out and about at the weekend together.

Do you work with brand on your channel? If so how do you choose which ones you accept or turn down?

No we don’t and we don’t really want to work with brands to produce blanket advertising for them. We want to share things we use and love as a family. That’s the way we would choose brands to work with in the future if the opportunities came along.

What’s the biggest achievement you’ve gained through vlogging?

The biggest thing for us is having a total record on video of our lives especially the big days like birthdays and holidays etc.

What’s your favourite type of video’s to film and why?

We love filming the challenge type videos I think it’s the reaction from people which makes it so fun. It also allows us as a family to do exciting and fun things together.

What’s your favourite types of YouTube videos to watch? e.g: Daily, Weekly, Chatty Sit-down Vlogs, Day In The life, Gaming …?

We love a variety of videos but our favourites to watch are days in the life style videos. We love how honest these types of videos are and it’s great to see how other people live.

Choose your favourite video from your channel and why is it the favourite?

My favourite is Christmas Day this video when I watch it back makes me realise why filming everyday has been so important to our family.

Your ultimate favourite YouTube channel you’re subscribed to, to watch & why?

The Sacconejolys are our go to family vlog for inspiration, fun and just to be generally cheered up. That’s why they are our favourite vlogs to watch .

What piece of advice would you give someone who is thinking about starting a YouTube Channel

Simply film what you love and be honest.


Thank you so much James & Katy for taking the time to speak with us today. We love your daily vlogs and the effort you put into them daily. If you’re heading you Summer In The City – Look out for The Gibblets, they will be there.

You can visit The Gibblets YouTube Channel 
Follow her on Twitter & Facebook  for even more family fun.

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