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First season of The Strain based on same named book written by Guillermo Del Toro.
A scheduled plane from Germany lands in JFK airport. But there is sign of life on board, all passengers are pronounced dead. To investigate the situation the US government sends a team of scientists from the CDC in airtight suits (of course). They detect the unknown virus, Dr. Goodweather is intrigued by their finding which in turn plunges his colleagues in shock. There seems to be an ancient plague which wants to take over the world but it simply can not be released outside or the World will be destroyed. Will they save to world in time is there a cure or a deep dark secret only the elite know about? 

If you haven’t yet seen it I highly recommend it watch season ones extended trailer especially if you’re interested in new age vampire/zombies with a twist of immortal demands an long overdue vendetta with flashbacks. I think I summed it up to a tee there without giving too much away.


the strain season 2

What can we expect from The Strain seasons two?

In the second season of The Strain war between humans and vampires will flare up with renewed vigor. After The Master knew that he could not so quickly take over the world (Season one), he changes his strategy. Nora Martinez and Eph Goodweather from the CDC will be desperate to come up with a cure for the virus, which is spreading with the speed of a bullet in the United States.
Their difficult task will help them Vasily Fet, Abraham Setrakian and Dutch Velders. Only together they can win this war and cure mankind of a new threat.

The new season of The Strain airs 2015 on FX.

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