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We all deserve to look and feel good throughout pregnancy, but unless you have an unlimited clothing budget or a VERY flexible plastic friend (and lets face it, who does?), you’re probably wondering how you’ll get through the 9 months without breaking the bank balance on maternity purchases.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean your fashion sense has to go completely out of the window and it doesn’t mean you have to splurge out on expensive items either. You can still look your best on a budget by investing in a few key essentials and we have found the perfect range at The Essential One.

For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, they are a lovely baby clothing company specialising in maternity-wear and the essential items you really need for your newborn in their first precious year.  They have a strong work ethic and a real passion for the range, with the simple objective of making life easier for pregnant and new mums. This is reflected in their maternity wear which is full of gorgeous fashion essentials to keep your bump dressed in style for the duration of your pregnancy.


Maternity essentials from The Essential One are perfectly proportioned for mums to be with design features that include wrap fronts, elasticated waists, stretchy fabric, hidden panels and gathered sides for durability throughout pregnancy. From nursing bras, tops and leggings to swimwear, dresses and camisoles, The Essential One has got it covered. All items are made from the highest quality materials and are (in our opinion), excellent value for money.

The Essential One’s maternity sizing guide means that whether you’re looking for a casual maternity top or a nursery bra, you can find the best fit for you.

We think the maternity essentials from The Essential One are pretty awesome and we think you’ll love them to so if you’re looking to dress your bump in style without breaking the bank balance, we’d highly recommend a visit to their site at www.theessentialone.com

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Vikki is the co-founder and style editor of Daily Essential Magazine. She lives in Kent with her fiancé Keith and two little superheroes, Riley 3 and Harry 1. She works as a freelance writer and parenting/lifestyle blogger and has a huge passion for kids fashion and interiors. In her spare time she enjoys horse riding, travelling and photography and has rather large obsession with Instagram and all things monochrome.

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