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As 3 style conscious parents, the editors here at Daily Essential have been fans of Whistle & Flute Clothing for a while now, so we’re thrilled to be able to feature them in our ‘Brand Spotlight this week.

Whistle & Flute Clothing is a line of modern, stylish and affordable children’s apparel inspired by Japanese kawaii characters, modern design and typography. 


The collection is designed by husband and wife duo, Ryan and Miranda McCullagh. Ryan is a graphic designer specializing in apparel printing and Miranda has half of a fashion-design school degree, an artistic eye and an intuition for design trends. These two lovebirds first began working together creatively in the indie-pop band, The Paper Cranes and they have carried that passion to their work on Whistle & Flute.

Designed for kids and adults, this range of hip, cool and contemporary clothes will have you and your mini me’s looking like the trendiest duo on the block. We love big time!



Q// Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A// Hi, I’m Miranda. I’ve been married for 10 years this year to Ryan. We have 2 kids, Aki who is 3 and Archer is 1.

Q// Could you tell us a little bit about Whistle & Flute Clothing?

A// Whistle & Flute started because we wanted to make our then 1 year old Aki some cool t shirts. Ryan is a graphic designer and I went to school for fashion design so it started as just something fun we did.

Q// Why did you call it Whistle & Flute Clothing?

A// Whistle & Flute is cockney rhyming slang for suit of clothes. We also just liked the name. I played flute in high school and was a huge band geek so I might have been a little biased 😉

Q// Which three words sum up what Whistle & Flute Clothing stands for?

A// Modern, Unisex, Fun

Q// What sparked your interest to become involved in fashion and open your own boutique/label?

A// Since I was a little girl I made clothes for my stuffies and then as a teenager for myself (pillow case skirt anyone? Haha) I went to fashion design school but I dropped out because I realized I didn’t like to sew or pattern make (just design). Once Aki was born the spark of creating something was re-born and so was Whistle & Flute.

Q// Where do you go for inspiration and what inspires you?

A// Kawaii and Japanese street fashion and modern art inspire a lot of our designs.

Q// What do you keep in mind when piecing together items for new season collections?

A// We don’t do your typical themed season collection. We come up with a handful of items we love and release them.

Q// Tell us about your design process?

A// Usually I (Miranda) have an idea for what I’d like on a shirt and Ryan sits down and brings it to life on illustrator/photoshop. Then we work together editing and working out a few different variations before deciding on one. We scrap a lot of ideas.

Q// What is Whistle & Flute Clothing’s signature? And what items are synonymous to the brand?

A// Our kawaii cloud and Je T’aime shirts were our first designs and still some of our most popular.

Q// What kind of parent is buying your products?

A// All kinds! I think our designs appeal to almost everyone. How can you say no to that little kawaii smile?

Q// How important is social media and bloggers for you and Whistle & Flute Clothing?

A// It has been everything to our business. Without our online community of parents and bloggers we wouldn’t have been able to spread the word about our brand.

Q// What 5 Instagram accounts inspire you the most?

A// @house_of_mia, @jetaimekyan are two of my inspirational friends. Everyone I follow I get inspiration from in some way.

Q// What are your favourite trends for the current season?

A// I don’t follow trends too closely as we hope our designs can outlive trends but I have been having to resist buying all of the cute coveralls/rompers this season.

Q// What is your personal style?

A// black on black on black.

Q// Do you have any future plans for Whistle & Flute Clothing? Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

A// We are starting to manufacture our own pieces and I’m really excited about that! We have limited number of rompers being released for summer and are working on some amazing harem sweats. We hope to expand into home goods as well!

Q// Finally, What’s one piece of fashion advice you can share with our readers?

A// For kids I like to keep it comfortable. If you wouldn’t want to play in it neither do they.


About Vikki

Vikki is the co-founder and style editor of Daily Essential Magazine. She lives in Kent with her fiancé Keith and two little superheroes, Riley 3 and Harry 1. She works as a freelance writer and parenting/lifestyle blogger and has a huge passion for kids fashion and interiors. In her spare time she enjoys horse riding, travelling and photography and has rather large obsession with Instagram and all things monochrome.


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