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Welcome to Vlogger of the month June.
Each month we will be interviewing parent vloggers (video bloggers) from all walks of life.

This month we’re questioning Leanne from the YouTube channel Umbumgo
When Leanne first started vlogging, almost 8 years ago she literally tried every username going that had something to do with her actual name, they were all taken!
So she decided to use a random name she had been given whilst she was at university  in Northampton. Leanne was basically on the girls foorball team and because she used to love the Unbongo drinks and (other various reasons!) her nickname became Umbumgo, which she ended up using on her vlog!

Leanne says: “I’m an incredibly busy mummy with six children, ages 12,12,7,5,3 and 1!
Myself and my partner Lee have been together for 9 years. When we met I already had Holly and Emily who are identical twins, from a previous relationship, Lee basically took them on as his own and we went on to have four more beautiful children! Franki, Bobby, Georgie and Poppy!
We have recently made plans to get married in July 2016!”

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What inspired you to pick up the camera and start vlogging?

When I very first started making videos I didn’t even use a camera, I used the webcam that came with my PC, I basically made really random life vlogs and gained about 200 subscribers, then one day lee and I discovered we were expecting our first child together and I vlogged about it, my subscribers urged me to keep them updated with pregnancy videos etc so that’s what I did, ive been documenting our lives ever since and I love it!

What do you use to film & edit your videos? Is there a reason why you use these items.

To film my videos I use a cannon sx280 hs camera, its a fab little camera for vlogging for the price, and to edit I use the most recent version of widows live movie maker, although today I discovered an amazing free editing software which I have downloaded and played around with, called Wondershare Filmora, I cant wait to get using it properly!

Describe a normal day in the life for you

A normal day in the life for me is usually started with my daughter Poppy climbing all over me wanting to nurse and my other children bouncing on our bed!
After the school run I tend to clean the house and get all of my jobs done and then have a few hours play time with Georgie and Poppy, we draw, paint and go to the park, or further afield if Lee is off work, once the kids all get home from school its all systems go getting reading books and homework done, tea and then taking them to their extra curricular activities!
Then cuddles in bed which is our favourite time of day!

Do you work with brand on your channel? If so how do you choose which ones you accept or turn down?

I do work with brands yes, however I appreciate that all brands aren’t always right for the individual. the most recent brand I worked with was Legal & General, I really enjoyed it and it fitted perfectly with our family.
I feel its important to only work with brands that you can identify with and brands that are ‘you’ to stay authentic to who you are on your youtube channel.

Whats you’re biggest achievement you’ve gained through vlogging?

Well, ive captured and shared so many amazing and precious memories! These will stay with us all forever! I feel lik ive achieved so much just by other people/mums/dads being able to identify with me with our lives and being able to help lots of lovely parent with problems thy may be having with parenting, breastfeeding, lots of things!

Your favourite type of video’s to film and why?

my favourite types of videos to film are mst definitely weekly vlogs! they take a lot of editing but I just love watching the kids back whilst im editing, I love putting music with it to how im feeling or how I felt at the moment it was filmed!

Whats your favourite types of YouTube videos to watch?

Im quite versatile when it comes to watching vlogs, I love to watch allsorts! daily vlogs weekly vlogs! meals, grocery hauls! everything really!

Choose your favourite video from your channel and why is it the favourite?

my favourite video from my channel is a video I made really randomly last year, ‘7 years on youtube my story so far’

I love it because it completely tells our story of the last seven years, our children, family and the love we all have, I completely love this video so  much!

Your ultimate favourite YouTube channel you’re subscribed to, to watch & why?

Its so hard to answer this question because I love so many! But I do completely love watching Hannah maggs!

What piece of advice would you give someone who is thinking about starting a YouTube Channel

If I was to give someone advice about starting vlogging;
Be yourself, forget about how your voice sounds when editing videos and watching them back! It used to make me cringe but you do get used to it! Ultimately though, get recording the precious times and things that are important to you and enjoy!

Thank you so much Lianne for taking the time to speak with us today. We adore your channel and are so grateful for you to take time out of your schedule to fit us in.

You can visit Leanne’s YouTube Channel
Follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more family living.

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Charlotte is a work from home mummy of one from London. Since leaving the 9-5 working world in healthcare recruitment Charlotte now spends her time blogging, traveling, wishing she went to the gym more, watching reality TV and running after her hyper toddler son Hayden.

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  1. I just love that you are doing this DE magazine! Loved reading your interview Leanne. Your YouTube has grown tremendously since when I first started watching you when you were pregnant with frankie! You are absolutely brilliant and just such a devoted mother which is shown through your vloggs. Pleasure to watch such a great mum just be herself and document it all. Tanita x

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