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It is only once your first baby is born that you suddenly realise how dangerous the world is: all those cold places, hard surfaces and sharp edges waiting for baby’s soft feet, hands and head to make contact – suddenly they are everywhere! One of the worst places, you realize, is the bathroom. Bathrooms tend to be full of cold hard porcelain or even more dangerous to small babies, large bodies of water, just sitting there! Soap makes you and baby slippery and the thought of dropping the baby in bathroom is never far from the front of your mind!


Safety First

Before you consider the décor, you must make sure that your baby is safe at all times. To this end, invest in a sturdy changing mat with a high lip all the way around to stop baby rolling off the mat and falling. Invest in a baby bath, rather than try to clean baby and keep him or her safe in the full sized bath – not only will you not enjoy the experience but baby will pick up on your fear of his or her falling and become scared at bath-time. Place the baby bath on a non-slip mat on the floor, and surround the bath with some spare towels or a yoga mat: something soft enough to protect them in the event of a slip.

Make sure that everything is ready before you take baby into the bathroom to avoid baby getting hurt when you turn your back to fetch a towel or run the water. This will also stop baby from needing to lie around naked and getting chilled. Keep all bathroom cleaning products locked away in a vanity unit or cupboard. Visit Bella Bathrooms for some great solutions to match your bathroom!

Cheer It Up

Invest in brightly coloured accessories, from face cloth and towel to jug and baby-bath. Babies’ eyes love to be stimulated and they are attracted to bright and cheerful colours. Associating bright colours and bath-time fun can help to stimulate their brains and their natural curiosity.

Paint and Paper

While baby is very young, you do not have to worry too much about the décor of the bathroom, safety being your prime consideration. As they grow a little older, and you are able to relax your vigilance a little, you can redecorate the bathroom, investing in cheerful cartoon decals for the walls, and maybe having the alphabet marching around the bath trim. Focus on primary colours and baby will love the bathroom as much as their bedroom!

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