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Welcome to Daily Essential Magazine. We are a blog-led online lifestyle magazine providing you with a daily edit of essential everyday life.

Daily Essential Magazine is updated on a regular basis, run by fun, enthusiastic bloggers and fashion forward, style conscious friends sharing their latest finds from beautiful brands from across the web. You can read more about the editors on our About us page. Our ultimate goal is to become the number one source to find the latest trends, news and information all in one place daily.

Like you, we’re interested in finding the right balance between work, day to day life and play.  We want to help, educate and laugh with you on all matters. We want to share the latest style trends fit for everyone. We’re up to date with the latest in entertainment and news and we love to find unusual products and brilliant décor ideas for around the home. We want exceptional travel for all destinations and families and days out where Children are celebrated rather than tolerated. And we want parents to get creative with their children at home, whether it’s in the kitchen or the playroom.

So we cover a range of topics across all aspects of modern family life: from travel, food, entertainment and style to parenting, development and downtime.

Hoping to inspire and make lives easier along the way.