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For many mums to be morning sickness tends to be the first sign of pregnancy. Even though it’s called morning sickness this doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen in the morning. Many women feel sick, experience some sort of nausea or vomiting throughout the day and even in the evening during the first five or six weeks and they may continue to up until the 14th or 15th week of pregnancy. Some women are very unlucky and experience it much earlier on in their pregnancy and a small percentage may experience it throughout their pregnancy right up until they give birth.

You may be hating the nausea right now but it’s actually a good sign in pregnancy as it shows that the pregnancy hormone levels are high which are allowing your pregnancy to take hold and for your baby to grow and develop normally so don’t worry. Some women are very lucky and enjoy a nausea free pregnancy.

Wondering how to deal with the symptoms of morning sickness? Here are a few that you can try, although they may not all work for you.

Eat little and often – Carry snacks with you in your bag or even have a stash in your desk at work. Never go more than a couple of hours without eating something otherwise this may trigger your nausea. This will help keep your blood sugar and energy levels topped up without pilling on the pounds. Also many women keep a pack of ginger biscuits or crackers by their bed if they get peckish in the night. By eating a dry snack before getting up in the mornings too will help with your nausea.

Keep hydrated  – Ensure that you are drinking enough water. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times and sip from it regularly. A cold glass of icy water is always nice throughout the day too. If you are feeling nauseated you may just be thirsty.

Get enough sleep – If you can get at least 8 hours sleep a night and also nap during the day, this may not be possible if you work or have a toddler to run around after but do try and take even half an hour for yourself.

Keep cool – During the summer months or even in a warm room you may become nauseated as heat can increase nausea. Try and keep clothing to a minimum and sit in the shade if you are outside.

Stand up slowly – When standing up, don’t get up too fast. If you are getting up from a lying position, sit up and wait a few moments before doing so.

Home remedies – There are a few myths which are led to believe certain foods can help with morning sickness. Some of them may work for you and others won’t. Apparently smelling fresh lemon can help ease your stomach in the morning. Milk is known to help too Some other foods which are good for morning sickness include ginger, peppermint, crackers and almonds.

NB – If you are feeling sick continuously or are concerned please seek medical advice from your midwife or GP.

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  1. Great list 🙂 Mint tea really helped me. I found a lovely one by Teapigs – I think its peppermint and liquorice. Worked a treat and tastes delicious.

    Loving the site. A daily ‘must-read’ for me x

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