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Just incase you’ve been living under a rock or haven’t been outside for a few days the UK is currently experiencing a heatwave! I know… most of us can’t remember the last heatwave we had as it doesn’t seem to happen that often anymore unless you’re lucky enough to go abroad – not jealous at all! Today saw the UK hitting record temperatures for the first time in 9 years! That’s right….the heatwave has finally arrived and here are our top tips on how to survive and keep the little ones safe in the sun.

1. Don’t forget the suncream. Frequently apply sun lotion (factor 50+) to your little one, they may scream and throw a tantrum whilst trying to apply it but they will burn really easy if you don’t. It’s a good idea to apply some before you leave the house and then reapply every so often.

2. Make sure your child is wearing a hat. Depending on whether your child will keep it on their head, a hat is must have summer essential! It will keep their head cool and out of the suns UV rays as well as protect their forehead from catching the sun. You can also find a great selection of hats which have a neck guard too which is important for at the beach or long periods in the sun.

3. Stay in the shade. It’s best to keep your child out of the sun when it’s at it’s peak between 11am and 3pm although this is easier said than done. If you can’t get to any shade ensure you have a parasol for pushchairs, and if you’re going to the beach buy a pop up tent or windshield.

4. Drink plenty of water. You’ll need to keep your little one hydrated, babies and young children won’t be able to tell you when they are thirsty so make sure they are taking in enough fluids throughout the day. Its’ so easy for children to become dehydrated in this heat so quickly. If they aren’t asking for a drink, keep asking them every hour. If your child won’t drink any water perhaps give them frozen pieces of fruit to cool them down.

5. Dress your children in cotton. Cotton is a must have in the summer months, it allows air to reach your child’s body to breathe and won’t stick to their skin. Try and stick to lighter colours such as white and yellow as darker colours absorb heath rather than reflect it. Baby’s sweat just like us adults so you don’t want to be layering them up and overheat them. For the beach or pool there are many swimsuit options and many have UPF 50+ which will help protect their delicate skin for longer.

Remember, stay safe and enjoy the heatwave!


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